Here are some things to know when deciding on your Totally Tubular product.

Contact information: totallytubebags@yahoo.com

Cyclocross V Mountain tire: Cyclocross is a skinnier knobby tire. It looks like a mountain bike tire, but is thinner and lighter in weight.

When choosing a color: When you pick a color for your bag or wallet you are choosing the TIRE color that will be the accent on the product. Please note that there are many different types of tires, so the tire on your product might not look like the one in the picture on the website. It will be the same color though!


Size: Each product is roughly the same size as what is posted on the description of the product. Please note that these bags are made by hand and therefore will have slight variations. 


Custom: For a based on difficulty, Totally Tubular is happy to work on a custom project you might have! Email Lauren at totallytubebags@yahoo.com to discuss.


Using your own tubes or tire: Totally Tubular is happy to use your tire to make your bag! Email Lauren at totallytubebags@yahoo.com to discuss. The turn around time will vary, but once your tire is at the studio it normally takes 2 weeks to create your bag or wallet. There is no extra fee for this as long as it is a product we already make.