About Us



Based in Santa Cruz, California, Totally Tubular Design is a company that is all about the earth. We embrace the Santa Cruz way of life by recycling as much as we can, digging through "free boxes," upcycling, buying local, and thinking of new ways to use what others consider useless. Santa Cruz is Totally Tubular and we are a growing business because of the town and its residents. To thank Santa Cruz for being awesome we've named all our products after streets and landmarks in this great town.


Lauren Junker Chief Tubular Officer

Junker really is our CTO's last name, it's not a nickname we promise. What are the roles of the Chief Tubular officer? Everything! From hunting to raw materials to sewing to promotion and distribution, Lauren does it all! It may be a one man show, but Lauren is a great multitasker who loves working with trash and creating art every day! Totally Tubular was started by Lauren in 2006 in a friend's garage. When Lauren outstayed her welcome and her trash piles got too big she moved to her current studio and began to expand. As Totally Tubular continues to grow as a business Lauren is careful to remember what's important. All materials are used and discarded (except for thread, zippers and velcro), production will ALWAYS stay in the United States if not Santa Cruz, bikes are the best way to make deliveries and go on trash hunts, and finally, never turn down someone's trash; you never know what you can do with it someday!

Product Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Totally Tubular Product we want to know. We work very hard to make a great product, but we are not perfect! Because everything is made by Lauren's hands mistakes do happen, but we are happy to fix them. If you feel your bag or accessory needs a repair please email totallytubebags@yahoo.com with a description of the problem, when and where you purchased the product, and include a picture of what needs fixing. We'll email you back ASAP and form a plan of attack to fix your Totally Tubular product!"

We would love your donations!

**At this time we are only looking for colorful tires. The studio is full of raw materials; thank you to everyone who has donated!**

Santa Cruz Locals: Contact totallytubebags@yahoo.com to schedule a pick-up or drop off at the studio.

Non-Locals: If you have tubes or tires to donate, please follow the guidelines below and mail your duds to:

3190 Winkle Ave.

Santa Cruz, CA 95065



Mountain bike inner tubes
Kevlar or folding bead road tires
Kevlar or folding bead cyclocross tires
Tubular Road or ‘Cross Tires
Motorcycle inner tubes
Old car upholstery scraps

Wire bead tires
Road tubes
Slime tubes
Thorn resistant tubes
Car/truck/motorcycle tires